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Who is the agent working for?

People usually don't know that most real estate agents who help them with home buying, show them properties, discuss financing with them and help fill out a sales contract are legally working for the seller. Anything you say to this type of agent must be communicated to the seller, including how much you're willing to increase an offer, etc.

In Delaware, written disclosure is required at the first substantial contact with a buyer, stating who the real estate agent works for: the seller or the buyer.

Home Finders works exclusively for buyers. When you work with Home Finders to buy a home, what you say to your agent is confidential; that agent has no legal responsibility (or right) to communicate what you say in confidence to a seller. What does it mean for you?

Real Estate Wilmington Delaware Buyer agency works for you
The real estate difference with Home Finders

It means that Home Finders goal is to provide you with professional representation, with the objective of finding you a home and saving you money. Your Home Finders agent will show you homes, negotiate prices, provide a home inspection and assist with home financing arrangements with your interests first and foremost.

A common question about the services Home Finders offers is "what will it cost me?"  Will it cost me more, will there be upfront charges or retainer fees?
The answer to all of these questions is NO.
Buyer agents get their compensation from the same source as traditional agents, a split of the transaction commission.

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